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Gabrielle Union: “Women love oral sex”

November 3, 2009


The beautiful actress posed naked for the December cover of of Men’s Health magazine.

On this occasion, Gabrielle could not refrain and gave some advice to men who want a woman in their lives.

“When you’re in the dating phase, you tell your friends everything. Was it big? Did he know what to do with it? Is he into oral? Everything. The dissection is complete.”

“Nobody wants to feel like just a vessel. You want equal participation, so it’s not ‘68 and I owe ya one.’

“If it’s a choice between a man who gives flowers and a man who enjoys giving oral, most women would take the oral. And it’s free. Oral sex is recession-proof.”

“If both people can climax quickly, sex doesn’t need to go on for 2 hours — at some point, Law & Order is coming on! But it’s terrible if a man is 2 minutes and you’re nowhere close.”


Taylor Swift and Taylor Lautner love affair ?

October 27, 2009


Love rises where you expect less, and love stories between VIPs has become a habit in the world of celebrities. So the last gossip has in the spotlight Taylor Swift and . The singer and the “Twilight” actor were seen together at a hockey game.
The 19 year old singer, who recently said she wants to begin dating again after the break with Joe Jonas, in October last year, apparently has her eyes on her partner in “Valentine’s Day”, Taylor Lautner.
Swift sent his driver to take the actor from the Los Angeles airport, before going at the game, where the actor tried to pass unnoticed. “Taylor Swift was all dolled up and looked super pretty,” a source said.
“She didn’t seem to mind the attention … Taylor Lautner, on the other hand, was hiding under a hoody.”


Love story sparks between 50 Cent and Jamelia?

October 23, 2009


50 Cent and R & B singer Jamelia have shown together last night at the London premiere of “Dead Man Running”, in which he plays.
Interesting is that she refused “Fifty” in 2004 because of his opinions about homosexual relationships. “He doesn’t agree with these kind of relations. If he feels that way, then he’s not the right man for me”, she said then.
The same year, Jamelia once more put him to the wall, after the rapper appeared wearing make-up at the British Music Awards: “I found it very strange. If he wears make-up, I doubt it that he’s really a gangster.”


Katy Perry in love with Russell

October 10, 2009


Katy Perry admitted Friday night on her Twitter page that she’s in love with Russell Brand.
The two have spent several days together in Paris, the city of love, where they were seen walking hand in hand and at fashion show where they were present.
Katy told fans via Twitter that hasn’t made contact with them lately because she is “very much in love” and has completed th post with some romantic lyrics of Rufus Wainwright’s song, “The Tower Of Learning” .


Courtney Love has her eyes on Hugo Chavez

October 1, 2009


Kurt Cobain’s widow, Courtney Love, has her eyes set on Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez, whom she met in New York at the presentation of a documentary made by Oliver Stone. It seems that the attraction was mutual, both being unable to get their eyes of each other. Hugo invited me to visit his country and I intend to do that soon. It’s a lovely man, said Courtney.


Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson – love weekend ?

September 15, 2009


Allegedly the two took a romantic getaway in Mayne Island, Canada.
However, the paparazzi didn’t shot any explicit photos of the couple, so we have to only assume a love affair is flowering between the two Twilight co-stars.