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Pamela Anderson launched her new fragrance

November 10, 2009


Pamela Anderson has launched on the market, the other days, her own perfume in two variants: Malibu and Malibu Night, which are accessible to anyone, making part of a cheap products category.

It seems that Pamela’s financial situation made her accept a contract with a company whose products do not exceed the price of 30 dollars.


Pamela Anderson melting the Malibu snow

October 27, 2009

Wanting to show everybody his athletic qualities, Pamela Anderson was busy Sunday, October 25, when she showed that she can handle a great on a snowboard board.
The beautiful blonde was invited in the courtyard of a private property in Malibu where it was build a mountain of snow to meet the desires of a few families of celebrities who were joined by the American Olympic ski and snowboard team.
For this little amusement were brought 40 tons of snow that turned the field into a real theme park.
Of course, at the event made their appearance Pamela’s panties, who for a few moments made the paparazzi’s day.


Pamela Anderson, 5 million dollars on house renovation

October 23, 2009


The sexy bombshell revealed recently that she spent over five million dollars, borrowed money, to renovate and decorate her dream home, the house having now platinum-plated floor.
Despite the huge amount spent, the works are not even half finished, Pamela saying she lately started hating her Malibu dream house. “I’ll sell it! I hate it! People commit suicide just because of houses” joked the star.


Lindsay Lohan’s ass shopping in Malibu

October 21, 2009


Although she became a style adviser for Ungaro, with such public appearances, Lindsay will certainly not fulfill her dreams to be a fashion icon.
Lindsay looked unexpectedly negligent and tired when she left shopping for Tylenol and energy drinks, but fatigue is not an excuse for her generously exposed ass. Unfortunately, beyond the entertainment offered for the paparazzi, who hunt her every move, Lilo starts worrying her fans: she looks exhausted and not even make-up can conceal it.


Courtney Cox – great bikini body on Malibu beach

October 19, 2009


The “Friends” star has an enviable body despite being a 45 year old mum. During filming for her new series, Courteney has delighted her fellow colleagues with a sexy outfit, filming a scene dressed in a bathing suit on the beach in Malibu, California.
“Courtney looked better than most women half her age. Everyone has admired her flat abdomen”, said a spectator


Matthew McConaughey – the Parrot guy

October 8, 2009


Actor Matthew McConaughey was surprised by the paparazzi while walking his new pet: a cute and very obedient…parrot!
The 39-year old star took great care of the green parakeet, giving him grains and a taste of the fresh Malibu air.


Jaime Presley got married in Malibu

September 28, 2009


Jaime Presley married this weekend in Malibu. Actress and Advocate Simran Singh have joined destinies in an outdoor ceremony, near the Pacific Ocean.
Jaime divorced the father of her child last year in November, but has quickly restored her life next to Simran Singh with whom she got engaged at the end of the summer.
Jaime has a two years old boy who attended the Malibu ceremony.