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The first pictures of Megan Fox naked…are fake

December 10, 2009


These pictures are not real, but are the work of designers from Fake Celebrity, a website specialized in fake nude celebrity pictures.



Adrienne Curry: I love playing on the computer, naked

December 9, 2009

naked wow

She won America’s Next Top Model and since then she manages to remain vivid to the public eye. One thing is certain, Adrienne Curry knows how to make her fans dream.

From censored photos to different “sexy pills” via Twitter, the beautiful woman born 27 years ago in Joliet, Illinois, uses all her weapons to capture the public attention. Her last trick: she revealed on her personal page, how did she spent “the perfect Sunday” : she jumped in the shower and then spent the afternoon playing on the computer “World of Warcraft”. Naked and excited.


Daniel Radcliffe wants to appear naked in Harry Potter

December 9, 2009


If you can believe it, there are also famous actors unhappy with their current star status. One of these actors is Daniel Radcliffe, the famous “ex-kid” who plays Harry Potter.

Daniel apparently suffers terribly because of the good boy label that he was assigned for the role in the famous series of films for children. With age, he come to realize that his career as an adult is in danger because of the character he played with such great success.

Radcliffe has done everything possible to get rid of this stigma. Recently he appeared completely naked in the play “Equurs”, just to show the world that can perform different roles, besides the student wizard.

The actor wants to shock “Harry Potter” fans with a nude appearance in the newest production of the series, titled “Harry Potter and the Deathly hollows”, and now producers try their best to fulfill the young man’s caprice: “There will be some scenes in the new movie in which Daniel will appear naked, but we think how to present him, because much of the audience consists of children,”, said director David Yates.


Eva Herzigova, Helena Christensen and Claudia Schiffer, naked for ID magazine

November 26, 2009


We know that after the age of 30 most women cease to care for their physical appearance and begin to show signs of age.

But this is not the case for public persons, stars, or women who were models for the whole world.

Millions of women have admired them and dreamed to look like models Eva Herzigova, Helena Christensen and Claudia Schiffer.

Helena is 40 year old, Claudia – 39, and Eva is the youngest with only 36 years.

Yet they remain as beautiful and provocative as they were when they had the world at their feet.

And because they can still be proud of their enviable bodies, the models have accepted the offer of “ID Magazine” to pose naked.

Photographed by Kayt Jones, the three divas remembered with pleasure the times when they were the most popular models in the world.

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Eva Mendes naked for a new PETA campaign

November 25, 2009


Eva Mendes is now on the list of stars who have joined PETA on the fight against animal abuse. She recently posed naked for the last campaign against natural fur started by PETA.


“I love animals, but I hadn’t had a pet since I was a kid. I recently got a dog and he’s not only made me a happier girl–he’s made me much more sympathetic to animal rights. I look at my beautiful dog and think, “Of course I’d never eat him or skin him for his fur, so why would I be okay with eating a cow or wearing a cheetah?” It’s just not right. It’s a contradiction. “said Eva Mendes for Wenn magazine.

The actress apparently decided to join the organization PETA after seeing a movie in which animals were skinned several farms in China.


Dani Lugosi gets naked for PETA on the Sydney streets

November 24, 2009

danni lugosi

Model Dani Lugosi faced rain and put up her charms in order to convince people to stop using natural fur, in the latest PETA campaign. The 28 year old Australian came out Tuesday on the street of Sydney, to protest naked against the mistreatment of animals just for some people to be able to satisfy their taste for luxury wearing natural fur.


The Australian testified that she began to be concerned about the cruel treatment of animals applied by the fashion industry after seeing a video of rabbits skinned alive. Now she decided to be active for PETA and made his debut in street protests. At first she seemed a little embarrassed, but after seeing the people appreciating her gesture, relaxed.


Tila Tequila gets topless on camera…again

November 20, 2009


Tila Tequila is backsliding, being the protagonist of a new XXX movie. This time, it’s not about a lost/stolen tape, it’s a premeditated manifesto of the MTV star.

Wanting to take revenge on her former boyfriend, Shawne Merriman, Tila taped herself in inflammatory hypothesis, undressing, dancing and, at one point even masturbating. Tila wanted to send a message to her ex-partner, for the beatings imposed a while ago.