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Madonna, the new D & G image

November 11, 2009


Madonna apparently met with Stefano Gabana and won him over. When rumors about the singer doing a pictorial for the new D & G campaign emerged, Stefano Gabbana confirmed on Twitter Monday evening that the “Queen of pop” will be the image for his new collection.

“We are at the last shot… M is simply beautiful,”

“We’re very, very tired but very happy as well… To have Madonna in our campaign is a dream come true.” wrote StefanoGabana on Twitter.


Pamela Anderson launched her new fragrance

November 10, 2009


Pamela Anderson has launched on the market, the other days, her own perfume in two variants: Malibu and Malibu Night, which are accessible to anyone, making part of a cheap products category.

It seems that Pamela’s financial situation made her accept a contract with a company whose products do not exceed the price of 30 dollars.


Victoria Beckham is on a new diet

October 18, 2009


Victoria Beckham has always been obsessed with her weight and certainly will not give up the fight with the extra pounds.
Although thiner than ever, the former Spice Girls thought it’s appropriate to try a new diet. The last couple of weeks, the star has been eating only good grapes and sashimi, a traditional Japanese food very poor in calories.
Victoria drinks occasionally one glass of white wine at dinner, but never exaggerates. David Beckham’s wife has already lost 7 kg using this diet and is very pleased with the results.


Rihanna – sexy pirate for her new video

October 17, 2009


The 21 years old star filmed this week a new video for one of the songs on her next album. In this video, the star, known for her original clothing style, tried to get inside the skin of a pirate.
Rihanna’s new album will be released on the market the end of next month and her fans will have to satisfy until then with photos from the filming.


Megan Fox is the new Armani image

October 14, 2009


Megan Fox doesn’t get enough publicity! Even if her image is already appearing almost everywhere, the young actress will be the new Armani lingerie line image.
Starting in January, the new billboards that will appear all over the world, will “bear” an image with a seductive Megan Fox wearing of course, Armani underwear.
The star, aged 23 years, is not, however, the only image of Armani campaign, the fashion designers has also a male model: non other than the footballer Cristiano Ronaldo.


Jade Ewen is the new Sugababe!

September 24, 2009


Jade Ewen is the sexy brunette who took Keisha’s place in the band. She shot her first pictorial with the stage colleagues …
Jade Ewen was born on January 24, 1988 in London. She took dance lessons at the age of 3 and took care of her parents (both blind) and younger sisters.
She began her career at the age of 12, when she had a minor role in The Lion King. Then followed numerous TV series and in 2005 Jade became a member of R & B group Trinity Stone.
In 2009 she was chosen to represent Britain at Eurovision contest with the song “It’s My Time” where she finished on the 5th place.
From September 2009, Jade is part of the band Sugababes, replacing Keisha.


George Clooney is looking for a new italian vila

September 20, 2009


According to an article in La Stampa George Clooney is looking for a house on Lake Maggiore located approximately 130 kilometers from Milan.
Italian journalists were able to find out which of the villas on the lake has aroused the interest of Clooney-Canalis couple.
The Villa is called Villa Faraggiana and it seems that George Clooney wants to move from lake Como because his residence there became too expensive, as he confessed to a friend.

Suspicions that George Clooney would like to move were reinforced by the statements of the mayor of Meina (province of Novara), the city where the villa is located, which said that several days ago George Clooney was in town.