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Bai Ling slips in Hamburg

December 13, 2009


When is the last time you saw a movie with Bai Ling? Hmm … no, we don’t remember neither a notable role of the Asian in recent years.

However, we should all agree that the actress knows how to attract attention! At the “Movie Meets Media” event, held in Hamburg, Bai Ling appeared dressed in a pink skirt, covering her breasts with only a fur collar.

Of course, when Bai was on the red carpet, her fur has slipped, just enough to let one nipple fly …

It is known that Bai Ling has a real obsession with her nipples: she even shot a movie called “Nipples: Pieces of My Dream”.


Serena Williams nip slips in Barbados

December 1, 2009


Serena Williams spent the holiday in the islands of Barbados, along with several friends. Her one piece bathing costume betrayed her right in the middle of the action.

After a brief splashing in the ocean’s water Serena was caught by the paparazzi when emerging from water… topless.

The small incident was nothing next to the $ 50.000 fine she received for her outburst at this year’s US Open, as the amused Serena declared.


Shauna Sand (nip)slips on her way home from the restaurant

November 12, 2009


Lorenzo Lamas’s former wife, Shauna Sand, made the paparazzi’s day when leaving an L.A restaurant.

Last night, after she left the restaurant, Shauna was photographed in the car while preparing to leave the parking lot. Apparently, at the sight of the paparazzi, one of the actress breasts refused to stay under her “dress”, revealing a nasty scar, probably after the silicone implant surgery.

All this took place while one of her three children was in the car, right next to her mom.


AnnaLynne McCord nip slip

November 4, 2009

nip slip 2

After getting a lot of attention from the media lately, she paid them back with a few sexy appearances, one hotter than the other. It seems that showing a nipple became “a must do” this late days in Hollywood, so the 90210 star didn’t think to much and…did it.


Amy Winehouse nip slip

October 27, 2009

amy nipple

Amy Winehouse is so proud with her new breasts that she wants everybody to see what a great job the surgeons did.
The singer has recently invested £ 35,000 in her breasts, after realizing she completely lost her long time voluptuous forms. Now, after she recovered, she’s proud to show off.

amy nipple 2