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Grady Sizemore, from the Cleveland Indians nude photos were stolen from his girlfriend

November 30, 2009


Not only female stars fall victims to Internet theft. It also happens in sport. In MBL star’s Grady Sizemore case, is not about a XXX tape, but a series of “hot” nude pictures.

Wanting to make his sweetheart – “bunny” Brittany Binger – a gift, the baseball player photographed himself in a mirror, but naked. Considered a true sex symbol, the American was not ashamed to show his manhood, believing that the images will end up into the right hands.


Unfortunately for him, it wasn’t so, the photos making real stir on the internet. Furious, but also embarrassed by the appearance of the pictures, Clevelant Indians star blames a thief: “They were stolen from my girlfriend’s computer, from her email account. I went to the police and investigation is underway. I can not say more. “


Patricia Paay will pose nude in Playboy at the age of 60

November 27, 2009

Patricia Paay was born on April 7, 1949 and has since done all she could to shine in the world of showbiz.

As a young girl she made her first steps in a musical career and managed to attract attention.

After not finding success with her singing, Patricia has accepted the offer from Playboy to pose naked.

After many years in which she stood in the shadow, she reappears in the public eye.

So in 2008 she was on the jury for the show “Holland’s Got Talent” and now joined Gerard Joling for SBS 6 show.

The good news is that Patricia decided that at the age of 60 years to show it all in Playboy.

This time she will get rid of inhibitions and, with a 100% natural body, as she claims, Patricia Paay will be the star of December’s issue.


Roman Polanski’s nude photography, up for auction

November 26, 2009


A nude photo of director Roman Polanski with actress Sharon Tate will be sold at auction in early December.

According to Agerpres, the large print, made in 1969 by photographer David Bailey, shows the director and his wife embracing, with only a few months before she was killed by members of Charles Manson cult, in Los Angeles.

The auction will take place on December 7 in New York and the organizers hope that the amount offered by the buyer to reach 15,000 dollars. Roman Polanski is currently in detention in Switzerland, following an arrest warrant issued by the U.S. for sexual intercourse with a minor.


Pamela Anderson, naked in Sante D’Orazio’s book, “Barely Private”

November 16, 2009


Images never before made public of Pamela Anderson, but also other A-listers like Eva Mendes can be seen in Sante D’Orazio’s book, called “Barely Private”


Danny DeVito’s nude scene

November 15, 2009


American actor Danny DeVito will appear nude in the Christmas episode of his show, “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia”.

The 64-year-old Danny seemed very excited about the writers idea to appear completely naked. After filming the scene, the actor said: “I said it from the outset that I have no limits. If we do a show that has this kind of madness, then I want to go over all limits”.

Amused, he told about the moment when he remained without clothes:

“I thought it was really great and I was gung-ho about it and then you realize that you’re doing in front of two hundred background atmosphere extras. And you don’t know them and walk out greased and you know, slipping and sliding with your butt out and everything.”


Jessica Alba, hard sex scene from “The Killer Inside Me”

November 9, 2009


One of the most wanted actresses in the pages of man magazines, Jessica Alba didn’t want to give up her clothes. Even in her movies, the beautiful star has not revealed too much, leaving the imagination of men wander.

Here, however, that things changed. After the birth of her daughter, Honor Marie, Jessica accepted a challenging and shocking role.

In “The Killer Inside Me”, the Hollywood diva reveals a completely different face. Jessica finds herself involved in a hard sexual game, with almost violent outbursts and a crazy game of sex.

The film promises to be a success. Who wouldn’t want to see Jessica nude over the spotlight involved in a hard core sexual game ?


Alina Puscau, photographed naked by her boyfriend

October 19, 2009


The top-model posed nude for the first time in the American edition of the famous men’s magazine, the photo shoot being developed by her boyfriend, director Brett Ratner.
Romanian Alina Puscau broke the ice and became the November playmate.
Although she’s a former model and worked for the famous brand Victoria Secret, the brunette scored only now her first nude appearance, which was “close watched” by her lover. The photo shoot was designed and created by none other than director Brett Ratner, her fiancé. In an interview for Playboy, Alina revealed that she’s a fashion outlaw, she loves to wear boxers and that why she often steals his underwear.