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Jenny Frost showed her white panties at a Take That party

November 27, 2009


Former Atomic Kitten member found a way to attract the eyes of all those present at Take That’s video game launching party.

How did she do it? Easy. The star’s white panties could be seen quite clearly through her see-thru pants. A very courageous choice. However, with or without underwear in sight, Jenny had a great time. Especially as she had to be carried home after losing the ability to walk…


Rihanna flashes her panties for the London crowd

November 18, 2009

rihanna panties

The event occurred Monday night, when the star went to a local club in London with some close friends. A little sloppy, Rihanna was not careful when she left the car and she has revealed for all those present her underwear.


Alexandra Burke, Peter Andre’s new girlfriend, flashes her panties for the Manchester crowd

November 14, 2009

alex burke

There seems to be something about Peter Andre that makes all his girlfriends become professional flashers. Right after the media confirmed the rumors about Alexandra Burke living a love story with Katie Price’s former husband, the singer made her challenging move on the stage.

The result is easily guessed: the front raw spectators present at her concert in Manchester could see the former “X Factor” winner panties. Simon Cowell was impressed by her voice, but it seems that, for a guaranteed success, it’s not enough.


Taylor Lautner, asked to give autographs on panties

November 6, 2009


Actor Taylor Lautner, became known for his role in “Twilight,” declared himself scared by the “attack” of the fans and confesses he will never go on a date with any girl as intimidating as his last fan acquaintance.

According to Contactmusic , the star, aged 17 years, declared for Star magazine, one of these happenings, which made him blush from head to toe.

“I had this 40-year-old woman trying to find a way to take her panties off for me to sign them. They had my name imprinted on them. So that was kind of strange. But you can’t expect anything from these ‘Twilight’ fans.”


Pamela Anderson melting the Malibu snow

October 27, 2009

Wanting to show everybody his athletic qualities, Pamela Anderson was busy Sunday, October 25, when she showed that she can handle a great on a snowboard board.
The beautiful blonde was invited in the courtyard of a private property in Malibu where it was build a mountain of snow to meet the desires of a few families of celebrities who were joined by the American Olympic ski and snowboard team.
For this little amusement were brought 40 tons of snow that turned the field into a real theme park.
Of course, at the event made their appearance Pamela’s panties, who for a few moments made the paparazzi’s day.


Lily Allen on stage in “Gaga” panties

October 26, 2009

The singer shocked during her last concert in Antwerp, Belgium, adopting an original outfit, delighting the public with views of her legs and posterior.
The 24 year old star climbed on stage dressed in a leopard-patterned blouse and a very short skirt, which let a pretty nice view of her panties.
Apparently loose dress gave her more freedom of movement, Lily dancing the duration of the entire show.


Pamela Anderson’s panties at Hollywoos Style Awards make front page

October 12, 2009


Willing to shock, Pamela has chosen a demanding dress – short, but with a huge train, who had to be carried by her make up artist daughter, Adelaide Gault.
At one point, assaulted by the cameras, the former bunny showed with the help of her skirt, not only her beautiful, but a good piece of her panties.