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Has Prince gone blind or wild?

October 7, 2009


The eccentric Prince, on his real name Prince Rogers Nelson, aged 51 years has appeared yesterday in Paris at the Chanel Spring-Summer 2010 fashion show “equipped” with a pair of sunglasses and a walking stick. Does the artist really had problems or it was just a fashion trick?


Lindsay Lohan – Ungaro Fashion Show Paris

October 5, 2009

Known as much for her talent as for her “alcohol exits”, the beautiful Lindsay was surprised yesterday at the Ungaro fashion show in Paris, looking a bit “tired”. As the artist has a record for not being a saint, everybody wondered what’s the cause of her “shady look”.


Rihanna, see-thru dress at a fashion show in Paris

October 1, 2009


Rihanna surprised her fans when she appeared in a cutting edge, very sexy outfit.
The singer were a semi-transparent dress at a fashion show in Paris.
Rihanna’s outfit had black stripes strategically placed in areas so that it cover the private parts.
Rihanna has also revealed her new nipple piercing which could be seen thru her very casual outfit.


Paris Hilton – “I’m an image of sex”

September 22, 2009

Venice Film Festival

Paris Hilton was present in Italy for the Venice Film Festival and for the “Miss Italy Contest”. She was impressed by Italy and especially by the Italians, saying that in Italy her clips had the biggest success.
Paris Hilton is impressed by the Italians and is glad that his videos are successful in the peninsula.
“Italians are thinking only about sex. It is true what they say about them in the movies. Italian men, unlike others, are good in practice, not only in theory,” said Paris Hilton.
“I represent an image of sex. I really like to be courted. Even if the Italians are old fashioned and still whistling after women or are very explicit in their way to court a woman, I like it. I prefer to be appreciated in any way rather than to go unnoticed”, said Paris


Lady Gaga – street panties

September 14, 2009


The singer shocked by appearing in front of hear Paris hotel wearing nothing but a pair of black panties and a sack coat directly on her bare breasts.
Extravaganza gone to extremes. As such can be labeled the behavior of Lady Gaga in Paris. Before appearing in the street the singer received a bouquet from a fan met in the hotel, gift which she chose to share with her fans gathered in front of the hotel. Lady Gaga threw the flowers into the crowd as if it was the bride’s bouquet, those present almost being squeezed to catch him.
One thing is certain, panties are one of Lady Gaga’s favorite splash outfits.