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Will Penélope Cruz play in “Pirates of the Caribbean 4” ?

November 23, 2009

Director Rob Marshall has confirmed that it is possible that actress Keira Knightley, the protagonist of the series “Pirates of the Caribbean”, to be replaced by Penelope Cruz. Disney has discussed this, but nothing is sure yet, informs the British newspaper “Telegraph”.

It seems that Marshall will advocateffor Penelope, the two working together also at the long awaited musical “Nine”.

Johnny Depp has already reached an agreement with Disney for the role of Jack Sparrow, being paid with no less than 33.6 million dollars, plus additional revenue from ticket sales. For the other three films the actor has been paid about 50 million dollars.


Penélope Cruz and Daniel Day-Lewis romantic scenes in “Nine”

October 26, 2009


The famous Penelope Cruz is part of the cast for the musical “Nine”, where she’s colleague with Daniel Day-Lewis. The two appear in very romantic aspects on the British stage.
Penelope had to seriously prepare for the dance scenes, but his efforts could be highly rewarded, because the Spanish actress may be nominated again for an Oscar for this role.
In “Nine”, the beautiful 34 year old Penelope, plays an actress in Hollywood, and this could be one of the most surprising of his appearances. The Spanish embodies Carla, a cabaret dancer and mistress of director Guido Contini.


Penelope Cruz, Liza Minelli and Miley Cyrus part of the Sex and the city cast.

October 14, 2009


The Sex and the City sequal promises to be extremely interesting, especially since from the distribution will make part some new names like Penelope Cruz, Liza Minelli or Miley Cyrus.
According to OK! Magazine the Spanish actress will play her own and to the dissapointment of her fans, it will have only a passenger role, just like Miley Cyrus.
Liza Minelli will also appear in a scene, singing Beyonce’s song, “Single Ladies” in a homosexual marriage ceremony. The new film will be launched on May 28, 2010.


Penelope Cruz is getting married!

October 5, 2009


After just a few weeks ago the press was rushing “make” her pregnant, it seems that now she has decided to marry her fiancé, Javier Bardem, after the actor proposed. Although early this year, Penelope said she did not believe in “paper marriage”, but in love, family and children, the Spanish actress now apparently changed her mind.
“The two wanted to keep secret the fact that they were going to join destinies before God. No date was yet set, but they want to make a restricted ceremony”, said a friend of the couple.


Penélope Cruz, sexy on the cover of Vanity Fair

September 29, 2009


Penélope Cruz posed for the November edition of Vanity Fair magazine in some extremely hot outfits, sparking the imagination of men.
Penelope promotes her latest film, Broken Embraces, and accepted the invitation from Vanity Fair to do a glamorous pictorial. Although the actress does not appear very often in magazines, here’s Penelope broken the patterns and posing for famous photographers Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott.
Almodovar’s muse looks great and promises an exceptional role in the film “Los abrasive rotos”.


Penélope Cruz, naked in her new movie

September 13, 2009


Penélope Cruz appears naked in Pedro Almodovar’s new film, Broken Hugs. In the film, Penelope plays a character who has two parallel existences , two completely different lives.
In the first phase, Penelope is brunette, serious, an unlucky fighter, fallen angel. In the second part, the beautiful actress is blonde, naive, exuberant.