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Patricia Paay will pose nude in Playboy at the age of 60

November 27, 2009

Patricia Paay was born on April 7, 1949 and has since done all she could to shine in the world of showbiz.

As a young girl she made her first steps in a musical career and managed to attract attention.

After not finding success with her singing, Patricia has accepted the offer from Playboy to pose naked.

After many years in which she stood in the shadow, she reappears in the public eye.

So in 2008 she was on the jury for the show “Holland’s Got Talent” and now joined Gerard Joling for SBS 6 show.

The good news is that Patricia decided that at the age of 60 years to show it all in Playboy.

This time she will get rid of inhibitions and, with a 100% natural body, as she claims, Patricia Paay will be the star of December’s issue.


The Playboy bunnies, alleged luxury whores

November 25, 2009


Sounds like trouble in Hugh’s paradise. American Michelle Braun, who had an escort agency and used to offer her girls to Hollywood celebrities and wealthy clients, made serious allegations regarding Hefner’s bunnies. She claims that Hefner’s girls are among her clients “luxury whores”.

Michelle Braun, known as the “matron of Hollywood, was arrested for pimping in June, after U.S. authorities discovered that she had an escort agency that arranged meetings between famous Playboy bunnies and some of her richest clients, in exchange for huge amounts of money. For a hot night with one of Hefner’s girls, clients should pull out from their pocket at least $ 10,000. Among those who called on Michelle’s agency’s services are included monarchs from two countries or major international companies executives.


Leona Lewis turned down a 1 million pounds offer from Playboy magazine

November 15, 2009


Although flattered by the offer, the British artist refused the offer of the most famous men’s magazine in the world.

According to a British tabloid, Playboy made a 1 million pounds offer for Leona to appear in its pages.


Alina Puscau, photographed naked by her boyfriend

October 19, 2009


The top-model posed nude for the first time in the American edition of the famous men’s magazine, the photo shoot being developed by her boyfriend, director Brett Ratner.
Romanian Alina Puscau broke the ice and became the November playmate.
Although she’s a former model and worked for the famous brand Victoria Secret, the brunette scored only now her first nude appearance, which was “close watched” by her lover. The photo shoot was designed and created by none other than director Brett Ratner, her fiancé. In an interview for Playboy, Alina revealed that she’s a fashion outlaw, she loves to wear boxers and that why she often steals his underwear.


Tara Reid – naked for Playboy magazine

October 12, 2009


Tara Reid has abandoned her inhibitions and agreed to lose her clothes for Playboy magazine. Although the actress has claimed over the years that she’s not satisfied with how she looks, it seems she get rid of the complex and made a pictorial for the famous magazine.
According to sources, Tara made the shooting a few days ago on a property in Santa Monica, and the hot images will appear soon.
Over time the actress did her best to look good. In 2004 she suffered a liposuction operation, but was not satisfied with the result, declaring himself appalled by her own body.
If then she excluded a possible appearance in Playboy, now Tara decided to show everyone with what has Mother Nature endowed her.


Hugh Hefner wants to convince Megan Fox to pose in Playboy!

September 29, 2009

Like most people in the world Hugh Hefner has Megan Fox on his mind. The Playboy daddy wants the actress to pose in his magazine. Hugh put Megan at the top of his list, next to other famous women, such as Britney Spears or Jessica Simpson. “Megan is a fox” confessed Hugh.
However he now has another priority, that to do a sensation pictorial with Kelly Osbourne. “She lost weight and dyed her hair blond. She looks great. I really want to see her naked”, completed Hefner. Hugh was always involved in his projects and when he focused on something, always managed to accomplish that goal.


Nelly Furtado wants to appear naked in Playboy at 40

September 28, 2009


Singer Nelly Furtado has big plans. As a response to the recent media allegations, the artist said she proposed herself to appear naked in Playboy magazine in 2019, that’s when she’ll be 40 years old. Eight years ago, Nelly declined a $500,000 offer to appear in the pages of the publications.