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Nicky Hilton got robbed

December 10, 2009


Nicky Hilton, Paris Hilton’s younger sister was robbed, from her house being stolen several very expensive items, jewelry and her laptop.

Paris became very angry when she heard that her sister’s house was broken, especially since this thing happened to her early this year, thieves stealing goods worth more than two million dollars.

“It’s unbelievable how my sister called the cops over an hour ago and they still haven’t shown up. Her house just got robbed, so messed up,”

Paris also tweeted.

“I hate people who steal! It’s so wrong! I hope they catch whoever did this! There has been so many robberies lately. So scary!”


Gwen Stefani London’s house robbed!

September 29, 2009


Thieves have made their way into singer Gwen Stefani’s $4 million house and stole all the existing jewelry inside. The artist was at that time in a tournament in Singapore, and the house was left for care to the Arts Council boss, Elizabeth Forgan.
Thieves actually broke the front door, even if the residence is located in a very safe area, according to London police. They have stolen all the jewels found in the house, mostly belonging to Mrs. Elizabeth. The artist neighbors heard strange noises in the area, but have never thought such thing could happen.
Although the front door was completely destroyed the robbery was reported to the police after 12 hours when a passer-by saw the disaster and announced the police.