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Serena Williams nip slips in Barbados

December 1, 2009


Serena Williams spent the holiday in the islands of Barbados, along with several friends. Her one piece bathing costume betrayed her right in the middle of the action.

After a brief splashing in the ocean’s water Serena was caught by the paparazzi when emerging from water… topless.

The small incident was nothing next to the $ 50.000 fine she received for her outburst at this year’s US Open, as the amused Serena declared.


Serena Williams naked on the cover of ESPN

October 7, 2009


At 28 years old, Serena displays an athletic body that’s full of confidence, although in the past said she’s struggling to accept her voluptuous forms.
It seems that the nude appearance on the cover of ESPN shows that Serena started listening to some of her tips.
This appearance will crown the tennis player last two successes : World number one and !st place in the China Open, tournament held in Beijing.