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Johnny Depp, the sexiest man on the planet…for the second year

November 19, 2009


He’s intelligent, good-looking, talented and has the sense of humor. These are just some of Johnny Depp’s qualities, in the vision of People magazine after voting him “the sexiest man on the planet”, for the second time.

Although initially, the other days, some sites in the U.S. announced that the title has been claimed by actor Robert Pattinson, it appears that the information was shattered today when People magazine’s website has published photos of those who ranked the top 110 most sexy men on the planet. Indeed, Pattinson is there, but at place 15. Second place was occupied by Ryan Reynolds, while the third by Jake Gyllenhall.


Megan Fox and Johnny Depp, the sexiest actors in Hollywood

October 17, 2009


This time, Megan Fox placed herself before Angelina Jolie in a survey conducted among film fans worldwide by Empire Magazine, which was made two charts, one of actresses and one of actors.
From the actresses nominated in the survey, Megan Fox was named “The sexiest woman in Hollywood”, being followed by Angelina Jolie and French actress, Emma Watson.


In the men ranking , Johnny Depp continues at 46 years to be considered “the hottest actor in Hollywood”, followed by Robert Pattinson, who gained fame for his role in the vampire movie “Twilight”.
Place three of the list was occupied by the eternal child prodigy in Hollywood, Robert Downey Jr..


Jade Ewen is the new Sugababe!

September 24, 2009


Jade Ewen is the sexy brunette who took Keisha’s place in the band. She shot her first pictorial with the stage colleagues …
Jade Ewen was born on January 24, 1988 in London. She took dance lessons at the age of 3 and took care of her parents (both blind) and younger sisters.
She began her career at the age of 12, when she had a minor role in The Lion King. Then followed numerous TV series and in 2005 Jade became a member of R & B group Trinity Stone.
In 2009 she was chosen to represent Britain at Eurovision contest with the song “It’s My Time” where she finished on the 5th place.
From September 2009, Jade is part of the band Sugababes, replacing Keisha.