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David and Victoria Beckham don’t even want to hear about Europe no more

November 15, 2009


David and Victoria Beckham don’t even consider moving to England after David ends his contract with LA Galaxy, the two declaring in unison that they feel very well in Los Angeles, USA.

The 34 year old superstar has signed with LA Galaxy in 2007 and wants to remain on American soil. An important argument in his decision was the possibility that his three kids to live a life free from media attention, which couldn’t be possible in Europe.

“We have a normal life here, and the paparazzi don’t follow us at every street corner. We are planning to not leave the U.S. in the coming years,” said David Beckham.

Victoria, the singer became fashion designer, admitted that it was difficult to accommodate in Spain (where the family lived when David played for Real Madrid) and that in the United States she feels much better.