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“Bruno” sued for $ 110 million in damages

December 13, 2009


Non-conformist comedian Sacha Baron Cohen, who plays “Bruno” has aroused negative reactions in all corners of the world. So Cohen is sued by Ayman Abu Aita, a Palestinian businessman who was presented in “Bruno” as a terrorist.

Since the emergence of the film the Palestinian had a series of inconveniences in his daily live. Moreover received numerous death threats. Abu Aita now asks Bruno damages worth 110 million dollars.


Naomi Campbell sued by a perfumes company

October 28, 2009

British top model Naomi Campbell was sued by a company specialized in the promotion of perfumes, which accuses her for a breach of contract and misappropriation of several million dollars from the sale of perfumes promoted by that company.
The formal charge, Naomi Campbell “made millions of dollars in sales of perfumes and other cosmetics that have been conceptualized, created, produced and promoted by the company Moodform Mission.
According to the official charge, Naomi Campbell made millions of dollars in sales of perfumes and other cosmetics products that have been conceptualized, created, produced and promoted by the company Moodform Mission.
On the other side, Campbell’s spokesman states that “Naomi categorically denies all accusations of Moodform Mission”.


Dr. Phil was sued by another woman

October 14, 2009


After the famous has been sued by American Shirley Dieu because instead of offering a psychological consultation forced her to watch a naked man, now another woman claims the same.
Crystal Matchett is also suing the psychiatrist. She accuses the doctor for forcing her to look at an unknown man’s genitals.
“He obliged to look at the genitals of an unknown man. I’m sure that I was not the only one who had to go through this traumatic experience”, said the woman in front of reporters.


Beyonce’s father, involved in a paternity trial!

October 3, 2009


Beyonce’s father was sued by a woman who says she bears his child. Alexsandra Wright is six months pregnant and says the baby she expects is the fruit of an adventure that happened a little while ago with Mathew Knowles. She opened a paternity trial at the Superior Court in Los Angeles.
Mathew Knowles is married since 1980 with Tina, with whom he has two daughters, Beyonce, and Solange.


Jenna Jameson sued by her former lawyers

September 22, 2009


Former XXX movie star Jenna Jameson is sued by her ex lawyers. They are accusing her of not paying for their work in a divorce in 2006.
Lawyers firm Hersh, Mannis & Bogen, LLP, which represented Jenna on the divorce from porn mogul Jay Grdina, have recourse to this solution as the star refused to pay the fees.
In the dossier submitted to the Superior Court of Los Angeles (California), they claim that Jenna Jameson owes over 72,000 dollars.


Beyonce, sued by a perfume company

September 17, 2009


The artist has problems with a company in the U.S. who want to sue her because Beyonce would like to launch a perfume with a name similar to the one created by them. The product should be named “Sasha Fierce”, which would mean that it closely resembled to 2002 “Abercombie and Fitch”, which is called “the Fierce”.
The company representatives believe that the public could be confused, which is why they requested in court the changing of Beyoce’s product programed to be launched this year.