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Francesca Fioretti’s topless photos sold by a paparazzo for 3000 euros

December 13, 2009

francesca fioretti

Became famous with her participation in last year’s edition of the reality show “Il Grande Fratello”, Francesca Fioretti has Italy at her feet. TV assistant and model, the beautiful brunette has already made in the last months a calendar and two photo shoots. Each time, insisted to keep her clothes on, despite the public insistence. Here, however, the beautiful 24 year old has unveiled her breasts in the sun. And she even did it for free!

The episode took place this summer, at the sea, but the photos have only now been made public. An amateur paparazzo sold the photos for 3,000 euros to Leggo Magazine. The pictures show Francesca with her lover, Ferdi Beris – The Italian that won the last edition of “Big Brother” in the boot – in a romantic holiday.

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Joanna Krupa, topless for the sake of animals. She advocates for adoption

November 30, 2009


Model Joanna Krupa preferred to give up some clothes to advocate for the adoption of the little creatures.

The Polish, which lately appeared in the show “Dancing with the Stars”, but also on the cover of Playboy’s December edition – posed topless for PETA, covering her breasts with nothing more than a puppy. Lucky dog !


Lindsay Lohan – topless threesome for the French edition of Purple magazine

November 27, 2009


When everything goes wrong, the only solution to get noticed in this media madness is to appear naked in a pictorial.

This was also Lindsay Lohan’s philosophy. Apparently tired to be called “suicidal” and “crazy”, the actress will appear in a sexy pictorial for the French edition of “Purple” magazine, hoping thereby to be on everyone’s lips for her beauty, than just for her psychiatric problems.

The “Mean Girls” protagonist will appear topless in a series of pictures made by famous photographer Terry Richardson. Lindsay, who’s bisexual, will simulate an erotic game between her and another couple.

However, this is not the first time that Lilo is in such a depiction; in 2007 she appeared topless for New York Magazine, in a pictorial made as a tribute to Marilyn Monroe.


Barbara Franco, topless pictorial at 17 years old: “I am the new Natacha Jaitt!”

November 23, 2009


She didn’t yet reached the age of 18, but she already stirred passions in the minds of many men. At only 17 springs, the beautiful Barbara Franco entered the good world of Argentine models, with a sensational photo shoot.

On her way to become a sex-bomb, the brunette had no problem posing without a bra, oscillating between pride and modesty: “I am the new Natacha Jaitt! I could learn a lot from her.”

Her first steps towards celebrity were taken. What follows next is a Playboy pictorial, a relationship with a businessman and the cards are played …

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Tila Tequila gets topless on camera…again

November 20, 2009


Tila Tequila is backsliding, being the protagonist of a new XXX movie. This time, it’s not about a lost/stolen tape, it’s a premeditated manifesto of the MTV star.

Wanting to take revenge on her former boyfriend, Shawne Merriman, Tila taped herself in inflammatory hypothesis, undressing, dancing and, at one point even masturbating. Tila wanted to send a message to her ex-partner, for the beatings imposed a while ago.


Rihanna, topless on the cover of her new single

November 8, 2009

rhianna topless

Rihanna appears on the cover of her new single “Wait your turn” topless, yet covering her breasts with her hand. The location of the shooting was kept secret in order to escape the sea of paparazzi who are following the star. But she fought back with her own army of bodyguards, and anyone who tried to “steal” an image felt it on their skin…


Eva Mendes, topless in Jamie Dornan’s arms for the new Calvin Klein campaign

November 4, 2009


The beautiful actress Eva Mendes looks exciting dressed only in her underwear, in the arms of a sexy man.
That’s how the new Calvin Klein campaign looks like. The protagonists are Eva Mendes and Jamie Dornan. The two are playing the role of an exhausted couple after just having sex and we have to say they look sensational in the underwear they promote.