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Rihanna flashes her panties for the London crowd

November 18, 2009

rihanna panties

The event occurred Monday night, when the star went to a local club in London with some close friends. A little sloppy, Rihanna was not careful when she left the car and she has revealed for all those present her underwear.


Russell Brand – naked for the fans

October 19, 2009


When you’re successful with the ladies and you already made a reputation out of it, you can’t start disappointing your fans just because you’re in love. That seems to be Russell Brand philosophy.
The star, known as a real “ladies man”, soften a bit after falling in love with Katy Perry. But this didn’t prevent him getting out on his balcony in nothing but his underwear.


Megan Fox is the new Armani image

October 14, 2009


Megan Fox doesn’t get enough publicity! Even if her image is already appearing almost everywhere, the young actress will be the new Armani lingerie line image.
Starting in January, the new billboards that will appear all over the world, will “bear” an image with a seductive Megan Fox wearing of course, Armani underwear.
The star, aged 23 years, is not, however, the only image of Armani campaign, the fashion designers has also a male model: non other than the footballer Cristiano Ronaldo.


Chris Brown caught with his pants down

October 14, 2009


Rihanna’s former boyfriend may suffer a harsh blow to his image of tough guy, hip-hop gangster, after being surprised by the paparazzi with his pants down.
The 20-year-old singer was photographed in this embarrassing aspect at the arrival at the Los Angeles airport. Perhaps because of haste, Brown’s jeans slipped when he climbed into the car, revealing his blue underwear for fans all over the world.


Kylie Minogue – Inverse

September 30, 2009


The Australian singer posed with two men for the presentation of her last perfume called “Inverse”. What is more interesting is that both men from the advertising are her lovers. Actually, her lover Andres Velencosco was photographed in two aspects, presenting two different personalities.
Kylie is located in the center of the two personalities, but judging by the image, with a tendency for the one in which her boyfriend is only wearing underwear. We got the message, Kylie !


Lady Gaga doesn’t wear underwear

September 27, 2009


Or better said she only wears underwear…
The controversial Lady Gaga has revealed to the press that the lack of underwear characterize her not only as a star, but especially as a woman. I’m just not used to wear underwear. I only wear underwear on very rare occasions”, has confessed the star.