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Victoria Beckham revealed the diet which keeps her so thin

November 22, 2009


Victoria Beckham is thin. Amazingly thin. And not because she’s sick, but because she keeps her weight under strict control. She doesn’t take pills, she’s not anorexic and she doesn’t follow some bizarre diet. she’s just having a very good control over her life.

In an interview with U.S. magazine Allure, Posh Spice said it’s easy to be thin and she manage it in three simple steps, followed each day: in the morning she’s drinking a double espresso, then runs like crazy on the step band, she doesn’t eat fast food or fat dishes and she usually limits to simple salads.

However, the star’s mother said in a recent interview that her daughter doesn’t find it easy controlling when it comes to food and she often goes over the edge. Who should we believe, Victoria or her mother?

This time we gonna give credit to Victoria. Her incredible figure says it all.


Victoria Beckham lends her voice to Madagascar 3

November 17, 2009


Victoria Beckham has lent her voice and to give life to a character in the third part of the animated film “Madagascar”.

After the success of the first two parts, producers decided to continue the series, and in 2012 to appear the third part the trilogy.

Thus, the former “Spice Girls” received a voice-over role from the film producers and accepted it without hesitation.

It is the first time David Beckham’s wife will give life to an animated character. Aged 35 years, the star also lent her voice for the cartoon “Spongebob Squarepants”.


Cheryl Cole surpassed Victoria Beckham’s earnings in the “WAG” classification

November 16, 2009


Slowly, Victoria Beckham’s departure from the UK will get her out from the charts in the kingdom. For now, David Beckham’s life partner managed to be ranked in the top three gains of the so-called WAG (wives and girlfriends of footballers).

Place two was won by the X Factor judge and singer Cheryl Cole, with 6.9 million pounds. The 26 year old star has managed to raise the nice amount over the past two years, from advertising, concerts and sales of CD with her band, Girls Aloud, but also with her solo career that began this year.

On the other hand, Victoria earn 6.75 million pounds from the reunion of the Spice Girls and from her new career as a designer.

“It was just a matter of time until someone to replace Victoria Beckham. Cheryl is involved in many activities: the L’Oreal ads, the X Factor, Girls Aloud, so that she became unstoppable”, said one source.


Victoria Beckham, fashion debut

November 2, 2009


Former singer Victoria Beckham has made her entry into the fashion world as designer.

The star told in an interview for Harper’s Bazaar magazine, that her first presentation as a designer has produced more powerful emotions than a concert with the Spice Girls.

“I felt more than vulnerable,” said Victoria.


Victoria Beckham will play in “Gossip Girl”

October 20, 2009


After having declared that she doesn’t want to return to music with her colleagues from the Spice Girls, Victoria Beckham wants to give a shot in Hollywood. The star has received a proposal from the producers of Gossip Girl.
The idea came after Blake Lively and Leighton Meester attended a Victoria Beckham fashion show and were extremely excited by what they saw. Originally, the singer was proposed the role of Chuck’s estranged mother, but she refused it because this role required too much acting skills. As a result, Mrs Beckham will play a minor role but of great effect, as the producers promise.


Victoria Beckham is on a new diet

October 18, 2009


Victoria Beckham has always been obsessed with her weight and certainly will not give up the fight with the extra pounds.
Although thiner than ever, the former Spice Girls thought it’s appropriate to try a new diet. The last couple of weeks, the star has been eating only good grapes and sashimi, a traditional Japanese food very poor in calories.
Victoria drinks occasionally one glass of white wine at dinner, but never exaggerates. David Beckham’s wife has already lost 7 kg using this diet and is very pleased with the results.


Posh – pantie flash for the paparazzi

September 23, 2009


Although she learned to wear a short dress for a very long time, Victoria Beckham didn’t quite learned how to get off the car when wearing a short dress without showing those arround what underwear is she wearring.
The most recent episode of this kind occurred in London just before the former Posh Spice to participate in a public event.