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Victoria’s Secret – “One Gift. A Thousand Fantasies”

December 8, 2009


Some of Victoria’s Secret models have recently filmed a commercial for Christmas. The add suggestively titled “One Gift. A Thousand Fantasies” is designed to inspire men to choose an exciting and sexy gift for their loved ones.

Just so you can make an image you should know that the add was directed by Michael Bay, “Transformers” movie director and it involves knifes, beautiful girls and fast cars.


Rihanna, rolling in the mud

December 8, 2009


Determined to put her musical career first, Rihanna is disposed at all it takes to keep her on top of the biz ! For the “Hard” video, she didn’t set  aside from anything, not even from rolling in the mud.

The artist is dressed in military style, and as an accessory she opted for a headset of “Mickey Mouse ears” and a bra made of bullets.

The video will not miss weapons, tanks, helicopters or explosions.

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Lady Gaga, half naked in her new video “Bad Romance”

November 11, 2009


The unique Lady Gaga surprised us one more time! The singer has released the final and official version of her latest single – “Bad Romance”. The song is taken from the album “The Fame: Monster” which has to be released on November 24 – , which is a revival of her debut album “The Fame”. The clip is extremely bizarre, and the sequences with Gaga half naked will most likely please the fans.


Rihanna – sexy pirate for her new video

October 17, 2009


The 21 years old star filmed this week a new video for one of the songs on her next album. In this video, the star, known for her original clothing style, tried to get inside the skin of a pirate.
Rihanna’s new album will be released on the market the end of next month and her fans will have to satisfy until then with photos from the filming.


Britney Spears – “3” preview

October 16, 2009


Britney Spears began filming in Los Angeles, for her new video for the song “3”. This is the song that reached No.1 on the Billboard Hot 100.
The clip is directed by Diane Martell, and choreography is provided by Tone & Rich. Britney has two costumes, one black and one white, and appears with two dancers.


Amelle nips out on the latest Sugababes video

October 13, 2009


To ensure the success of their new hit so necessary these crisis days, the UK sugar girls turned to a little promotion trick. And the artist who probably drew the smallest stick was Amelle Berrabah. And so, the 24 year old Hempshire girl lets her nipple slip in the “About a Girl” video, released recently on Channel4 and 4Music.
The Sugarbabes component nipple has already made furors in the island’s tabloids press. As for the single itself, it remains to be seen whether or not the strategy will pay off.


Kim Kardashian – American Princess…

October 11, 2009

Aside from the fact that we find it’s an exaggeration to make a video to tell everyone about your birthday, Kim entitled herself an “American Princess”. I don’t know about that… If the celebrated expects that everyone to fall at her legs at the birthday party, I’d say that we already seen this show…on MTV’s “sweet 16″…16