Shakira – black for i-D magazine

October 10, 2009


Shakira promotes her new album, “She Wolf”, with a series of very “naughty” photographs.
She appears half naked in a pictorial for “i-D” magazine and says she had a hard work persuading her parents that this is actually a big move in her career.
“I had to say to them, ‘I’m a woman now, this is the way I express myself.’
“My dad understood but my mum was scared what people could think. She said, ‘Is it too much?” confessed Shakira.

One comment

  1. wow great pics.
    I like your blog. Thank you for your time and effort.
    Shakira should win a Nobel Peace Prize too. Like Barack Obama, she understands that a global platform is to try and do good in the world. She also speaks arabic. That’s very cool for peace and communicating well with all humanity.

    Shakira is gorgeous. I think Beyonce is going to take some much deserved time off, and Shakira is looking like she’s going to step into Beyonce shoes, in this photo shoot. Classic Beyonce poses here. Click on the link to see Shak rock it out with Barack Obama, Dave Letterman and Megan Fox news today on wordpress blogs. Again, thanks for your great blog. Fun!!!!

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