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Francesca Fioretti’s topless photos sold by a paparazzo for 3000 euros

December 13, 2009

francesca fioretti

Became famous with her participation in last year’s edition of the reality show “Il Grande Fratello”, Francesca Fioretti has Italy at her feet. TV assistant and model, the beautiful brunette has already made in the last months a calendar and two photo shoots. Each time, insisted to keep her clothes on, despite the public insistence. Here, however, the beautiful 24 year old has unveiled her breasts in the sun. And she even did it for free!

The episode took place this summer, at the sea, but the photos have only now been made public. An amateur paparazzo sold the photos for 3,000 euros to Leggo Magazine. The pictures show Francesca with her lover, Ferdi Beris – The Italian that won the last edition of “Big Brother” in the boot – in a romantic holiday.

Complete gallery


Grady Sizemore, from the Cleveland Indians nude photos were stolen from his girlfriend

November 30, 2009


Not only female stars fall victims to Internet theft. It also happens in sport. In MBL star’s Grady Sizemore case, is not about a XXX tape, but a series of “hot” nude pictures.

Wanting to make his sweetheart – “bunny” Brittany Binger – a gift, the baseball player photographed himself in a mirror, but naked. Considered a true sex symbol, the American was not ashamed to show his manhood, believing that the images will end up into the right hands.


Unfortunately for him, it wasn’t so, the photos making real stir on the internet. Furious, but also embarrassed by the appearance of the pictures, Clevelant Indians star blames a thief: “They were stolen from my girlfriend’s computer, from her email account. I went to the police and investigation is underway. I can not say more. “


Carrie Prejean, the former Miss California “produced” eight porn movies

November 15, 2009


Carrie Prejean, former Miss California, was involved this summer in a sex scandal started with the appearance of a sex tape with the beautiful 22 year old.

It seems that the record wasn’t the only one, Carrie recording another seven videos, as well as 30 pornographic photos.

The model shocked everyone this summer, when she delared she’s totally against same-sex marriages.

“I assume full responsibility for the sex tape. I know that I was only 17 years then, it was a huge mistake,” said the model.


Early nude photos of Madonna only made her tougher

October 16, 2009


Madonna is happy that the photos in which she appears naked were published in her early career because the scandal that broke up only made her tougher.
In 1985 a series of photographs in which Madonna appeared naked were published by Playboy and Penthouse and all music experts in the world then claimed that Madonna will soon end her career, instead she turned the situation to her advantage.

“That was the first time I was aware of saying ‘F**k you’ with my attitude. You’re trying to put me down because of this?’ I (wasn’t) going to let public opinion dictate my own feelings about myself. I (wasn’t) going to apologise for anything I’ve done.”


Aubrey O’Day – boobs and butt on Twitter!

October 8, 2009


A brand new series of Aubrey O’Day’s sensual photos make sensation on the internet!
Shortly after she appeared topless in Las Vegas, the star of “Peepshow” has posted on her Twitter account some provocative pictures.
Aubrey shows her ass and breasts in all its splendor, to the delight of her admirers. The photographs were made in the makeup cabin, right before the show.
Paradoxically, this exhibitionism proof comes after the star complained that her topless photos are all over the Internet.


Lady Gaga before celebrity – as you never seen her before

September 26, 2009

In 2006, Stefani Germanotta was a newcomer in the music world, which supported small but beautiful concerts in the LA clubs , with all her clothes on and her hands on the keyboard.
In that same year appeared her first independent EP, “Red and Blue”, hiding behind some simple covers several successful compositions from the artist.
Recently has been published a video of Lady Gaga (then Stefani) singing a song called “Hollywood” at “The Bitter End” club, along with her band …

Here are some pics with Stefani becoming Gaga


Jenna Jameson, unpublished photos posted online

September 14, 2009


Jenna Jameson has published over 100 personal photos on a personal account on the Internet to the delight of fans worldwide. Although the xxx movies actress retired from the industry in order to raise her children, Jenna remains one of the most searched stars fon the Internet and to “strengthen” it, the star has published a collection of over 100 personal photos from MySpace account.
In the photo gallery you can admire your favorite celebrity in domestic activities , in several unpublished pictorials, but also with various ex lovers of her past.
Most photos are together with her “partner in crime”, Tito Ortiz, whom she also met on MySpace.