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Francesca Fioretti’s topless photos sold by a paparazzo for 3000 euros

December 13, 2009

francesca fioretti

Became famous with her participation in last year’s edition of the reality show “Il Grande Fratello”, Francesca Fioretti has Italy at her feet. TV assistant and model, the beautiful brunette has already made in the last months a calendar and two photo shoots. Each time, insisted to keep her clothes on, despite the public insistence. Here, however, the beautiful 24 year old has unveiled her breasts in the sun. And she even did it for free!

The episode took place this summer, at the sea, but the photos have only now been made public. An amateur paparazzo sold the photos for 3,000 euros to Leggo Magazine. The pictures show Francesca with her lover, Ferdi Beris – The Italian that won the last edition of “Big Brother” in the boot – in a romantic holiday.

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Kaiane Aldorino is Miss World 2009

December 13, 2009

Kaiane Aldorino, a 22 years old young woman from Gibraltar, was chosen yesterday, Miss World 2009. She was chosen among the 112 candidates that participated in the competition held in Johannesburg.

“Thank you South Africa, this is the most wonderful time of my life,” said Kaiane in tears. In the contest’s tradition, Miss World 2008, Russian woman Ksenia Suhinova crowned the happy winner.

Ranked second was Mexico’s representative, Perla Beltran, followed by Thatum Keshwarm, South Africa’s representative. The surprise was the elimination in the semifinals of the contest’s favorite, Miss India, Pooja Chopra.

The competition has a tradition of almost 60 years; the first Miss World was elected Swedish Kiki Hlkansson in 1951. Most successful countries are India and Venezuela, with five titles each.


Bai Ling slips in Hamburg

December 13, 2009


When is the last time you saw a movie with Bai Ling? Hmm … no, we don’t remember neither a notable role of the Asian in recent years.

However, we should all agree that the actress knows how to attract attention! At the “Movie Meets Media” event, held in Hamburg, Bai Ling appeared dressed in a pink skirt, covering her breasts with only a fur collar.

Of course, when Bai was on the red carpet, her fur has slipped, just enough to let one nipple fly …

It is known that Bai Ling has a real obsession with her nipples: she even shot a movie called “Nipples: Pieces of My Dream”.


Miley Cyrus wants a break to reinvent herself

December 13, 2009


Singer and actress Miley Cyrus has revealed her fans she wants to take a break, to have more time available to develop a more modern and completely different sound.

The confessions were made yesterday in an interview on GMTV.


“Bruno” sued for $ 110 million in damages

December 13, 2009


Non-conformist comedian Sacha Baron Cohen, who plays “Bruno” has aroused negative reactions in all corners of the world. So Cohen is sued by Ayman Abu Aita, a Palestinian businessman who was presented in “Bruno” as a terrorist.

Since the emergence of the film the Palestinian had a series of inconveniences in his daily live. Moreover received numerous death threats. Abu Aita now asks Bruno damages worth 110 million dollars.


Kendra Wilkinson entered labor. She will become the mother of a boy

December 10, 2009


Former playmate Kendra Wilkinson will soon see her dream come true. Reality show “The Girls Next Door” star came into labor and was transported to Indianapolis hospital, Indiana, where she’s expected to bring to the world a little boy.

The baby is her first child with American footballer Hank Baskett.

Hearing the happy news, her former boyfriend, Playboy owner, Hugh Hefner wished to congratulate the beautiful blonde: “Send my love Kendra, Hank and the baby, in this memorable day”.

Now everybody expects the official confirmation that the star became a mum for the first time and also to prove, if proofs were needed, that Playboy bunnies know how to be good mothers. And not just in the covers of magazines.


Ronnie Wood left his 20 years old girlfriend

December 10, 2009

Ronnie Wood, Rolling Stones’s guitarist, left his girlfriend after last week, he had a conflict from which the rocker ended up arrested.

According to sources, the rocker’s former girlfriend, Russian Ekaterina Ivanova, is absolutely “devastated” because the musician refused to continue the relationship with her after last week he was arrested for allegedly beating her.

Although Ekaterina, aged 20 years, said that she will not file a complaint against the 62 years old musician, their relationship was too unsettled to continue, said sources close to them.

Moreover, it seems that Ekaterina banter him for his age, and before their last fight she would have want her name on a property in Ireland – worth 3 million pounds – in order to demonstrate that he loves her.