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Rihanna, rolling in the mud

December 8, 2009


Determined to put her musical career first, Rihanna is disposed at all it takes to keep her on top of the biz ! For the “Hard” video, she didn’t set  aside from anything, not even from rolling in the mud.

The artist is dressed in military style, and as an accessory she opted for a headset of “Mickey Mouse ears” and a bra made of bullets.

The video will not miss weapons, tanks, helicopters or explosions.

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Rihanna’s eyes are set on Jesse Williams

November 28, 2009


Rihanna seems to have over passed her relationship with Chris Brown and tries to take care of her love life.

Apparently, she laid eyes on Gray’s Anatomy star, Jesse Williams, after he appeared in her last video “Russian Roulette”.

“Well, there’s this actor. His name is Jesse Williams. He was in Grey’s Anatomy and I have him in my video for Russian Roulette. He’s so hot.”, said Rihanna about the actor when the American media asked her if she likes someone.


Rihanna will receive $ 500,000 for her New Year’s Eve show

November 25, 2009


Rihanna will receive for her first concert in the Middle East the amount of $ 500,000.

The famous singer had to concert at Emirates Palace Hotel in Abu Dhabi in May, but after the Chris Brown incident in February, she canceled most of her shows.

Although it may sound colossal, the amount of $ 500,000 is not such a big sum by Middle East standards. In 2006 George Michael received 2.6 million dollars to perform 13 songs for Russian tycoon Vladimir Potanin and last year, Amy Winehouse received 1.6 million dollars to sing in an old bus garage for Daria Jukova, Roman Abramovich’s girlfriend.

The Rolling Stones received 7.3 million for the 60’st anniversary of billionaire David Bonderman.


Rihanna flashes her panties for the London crowd

November 18, 2009

rihanna panties

The event occurred Monday night, when the star went to a local club in London with some close friends. A little sloppy, Rihanna was not careful when she left the car and she has revealed for all those present her underwear.


Rihanna’s newest album, inspired by Prodigy

November 16, 2009


The beautiful Rihanna admitted that the inspiration to write songs on her new album came after she listened to the British band Prodigy.

“Rated R” will be launched later this month and contains songs wrote by the Rihanna and inspired by various artists that address a number of different styles.

“The new album is inspired by a lot of songs of different genres such as hip hop, bass and rock influences” says the artist. I listened a lot of Prodigy and Chase and Status, we have even worked with them and they helped me to develop my new style.

At the new album have contributed several stars of world music, and Rihanna is particularly delighted by the cooperation with Slash, the former guitarist from Guns N ‘Roses. “Slash is a true rock star,” said Rihanna.


Rihanna’s left side…her best side !

November 11, 2009

Rihanna has used her admirers with eccentric outfits, with every new appearance ravishing the imagination of her fans.

The Glamor magazine awards gala held Monday evening made no exception. She wore a long white dress, whit a transparent side that the paparazzi on fire.

Let’s just say that the people invited at the Carnegie Hall in New York, had a nice view when they passed along Rihanna’s left side. The paparazzi surprised Rihanna’s left breast protected only by a thin piece of transparent material. And what a left side…


Rihanna, topless on the cover of her new single

November 8, 2009

rhianna topless

Rihanna appears on the cover of her new single “Wait your turn” topless, yet covering her breasts with her hand. The location of the shooting was kept secret in order to escape the sea of paparazzi who are following the star. But she fought back with her own army of bodyguards, and anyone who tried to “steal” an image felt it on their skin…