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Johnny Depp received the role of a revolutionary in Emir Kusturica’s new film

December 8, 2009


Johnny Depp, known for the extraordinary roles he chooses, has the chance to once again demonstrate his acting skills: he received a revolutionary role in the new film of Emir Kusturica.

The director has distributed the role of Pancho Villa in his last film, entitled “Seven Friends of Pancho Villa and the Woman with Six Fingers”. (weird right ???)

The scenario is based on the biographical novel “Pancho Villa’s Friends” in which author James Carlos Blake tells how the revolutionary and his friends are having a great time combining fights and parties.


Johnny Depp gave guitar lessons to his wife, Vanessa Paradis

November 28, 2009


The beautiful singer Vanessa Paradis admitted that she is very grateful to her husband, Johnny Depp, which encouraged her and teach her to play guitar.

The French singer told that immediately after the birth of their first child, Lily Rose, she and her husband spent time composing songs for her album.

“Johnny helped me a lot and gave me confidence in myself. He gave me a guitar and taught me to sing. Then I started to compose seriously. I remember that period as the happiest of my life” , said Vanessa.


Johnny Depp, celebrating…maybe just a bit too much

November 22, 2009

<img src=”; alt=”depp drunk” title=”depp drunk” width=”280″ height=”390″ />

Known as a serious actor and a model father, you rarely have the chance to see Johnny Depp boozed up!

The actor was surprised the other day leaving a club in New York. The star needed help from the local staff to get into the car.

It shouldn’t bee seen as an excuse, but the man has sufficient reasons to party! He was appointed the hottest man on earth and best paid actor in Hollywood, after signing the contract to continue the trilogy for the “Pirates of the Caribbean”!


Johnny Depp, the sexiest man on the planet…for the second year

November 19, 2009


He’s intelligent, good-looking, talented and has the sense of humor. These are just some of Johnny Depp’s qualities, in the vision of People magazine after voting him “the sexiest man on the planet”, for the second time.

Although initially, the other days, some sites in the U.S. announced that the title has been claimed by actor Robert Pattinson, it appears that the information was shattered today when People magazine’s website has published photos of those who ranked the top 110 most sexy men on the planet. Indeed, Pattinson is there, but at place 15. Second place was occupied by Ryan Reynolds, while the third by Jake Gyllenhall.


Megan Fox and Johnny Depp, the sexiest actors in Hollywood

October 17, 2009


This time, Megan Fox placed herself before Angelina Jolie in a survey conducted among film fans worldwide by Empire Magazine, which was made two charts, one of actresses and one of actors.
From the actresses nominated in the survey, Megan Fox was named “The sexiest woman in Hollywood”, being followed by Angelina Jolie and French actress, Emma Watson.


In the men ranking , Johnny Depp continues at 46 years to be considered “the hottest actor in Hollywood”, followed by Robert Pattinson, who gained fame for his role in the vampire movie “Twilight”.
Place three of the list was occupied by the eternal child prodigy in Hollywood, Robert Downey Jr..


Emir Kusturica wants to make a life-size statue of Johnny Depp

October 3, 2009


The famous film director Emir Kusturica, wants to raise a wooden statue of Johnny Deep, designed by himself. The two, known as good friends, seem to have agreed that the “monument” to be built of wood in the Serbian village of Drvengrad.
The director acknowledged that when he called Deep to tell him about the idea, the actor didn’t believed him and laughed at the proposal made, but later agreed to give his dimensions, to achieve the layout.
Kusturica said the statue will have Johnny’s natural size and will be dressed like in Pirates of the Caribbean.
The inauguration of the monument will take place in Serbia in 2010 at the Kustendorf film festival.


Johnny Depp – no longer a pirate

September 29, 2009


After chief Dick Cook left from the Disney Studios helm, Johnny Depp seems to lack the enthusiasm to play once more the role of Jack Sparrow, which made him famous in recent years.
Part four of the series will be called “Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides”.
Fans of the actor say that the movie will not be the same without Johnny, but producers do not agree. Studios say that even if the actor decided to leave, the project will go forward anyway.