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Lindsay Lohan’s ass shopping in Malibu

October 21, 2009


Although she became a style adviser for Ungaro, with such public appearances, Lindsay will certainly not fulfill her dreams to be a fashion icon.
Lindsay looked unexpectedly negligent and tired when she left shopping for Tylenol and energy drinks, but fatigue is not an excuse for her generously exposed ass. Unfortunately, beyond the entertainment offered for the paparazzi, who hunt her every move, Lilo starts worrying her fans: she looks exhausted and not even make-up can conceal it.


Aubrey O’Day – boobs and butt on Twitter!

October 8, 2009


A brand new series of Aubrey O’Day’s sensual photos make sensation on the internet!
Shortly after she appeared topless in Las Vegas, the star of “Peepshow” has posted on her Twitter account some provocative pictures.
Aubrey shows her ass and breasts in all its splendor, to the delight of her admirers. The photographs were made in the makeup cabin, right before the show.
Paradoxically, this exhibitionism proof comes after the star complained that her topless photos are all over the Internet.


Kim Kardashian: “My butt is very attractive!”

October 6, 2009

American star Kim Kardashian is facing some problems … with her ass.
The star reveals her secret. There seems to be a mixture of diet and fitness, but genetic predisposition plays the most important role.
“It’s true I’ve lost almost three pounds and I toned my butt, but diet is not everything. I have inherited my curves from my father’s family. There, all women have voluptuous curves” says Kim.


Rihanna shows her but at the Parisians!

October 6, 2009


With her sunglasses on, Rihanna looked proud of what she was wearing, and, furthermore, shown a very relaxed attitude.
Rihanna was the main attraction of Paris Fashion Week. Her last outfit was purely explosive. She wore a very short black dress and a gray bolero with a single arm.


Kelly Clarkson – I’m the number 1 fan of my ass!

September 21, 2009


The American singer doesn’t seem bothered at all by the malicious comments he hears almost every day about her weight. Kelly said she’s proud of her curves and that the part she admire the most is her ass. “I know I have a generous bust, but I can take pride in my ass too. I’m my ass’s biggest fan! If more and more girls do silicone implant to have larger breasts, a few can take pride with an ass like mine” said the artist.
“I like that I can fill a pair of jeans” added Kelly.


Heidi Klum – Irresistible

September 16, 2009


German model Heidi Klum has made an incendiary pictorial for Page Six magazine. Three months pregnant, Heidi has not hesitated to show her curves, posing in bed naked and very daring in the position. Mother of three at 36, Heidi still sets man worldwide on fire with an enviable body. Heidi and her husband, singer Seal, are preparing to become parents for the forth time.