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Bai Ling slips in Hamburg

December 13, 2009


When is the last time you saw a movie with Bai Ling? Hmm … no, we don’t remember neither a notable role of the Asian in recent years.

However, we should all agree that the actress knows how to attract attention! At the “Movie Meets Media” event, held in Hamburg, Bai Ling appeared dressed in a pink skirt, covering her breasts with only a fur collar.

Of course, when Bai was on the red carpet, her fur has slipped, just enough to let one nipple fly …

It is known that Bai Ling has a real obsession with her nipples: she even shot a movie called “Nipples: Pieces of My Dream”.


Bai Ling, “slips” a nipple at a charitable event, “slips” a nipple at a charitable event for children

November 23, 2009

bai ling nip slip

Bai Ling just added herself on the already impressive list of stars who drawn the public attention with a “miss fortunate” incident that involves a nipple and some paparazzi. But the beautiful actress born in China opened her cleavage in a totally inadequate situation.

The star went to a fundraiser for a children hospital without wearing anything under her jacket. So the inevitable has occurred and the Asian made the unfortunate move, leaving her breast to the paparazzi’s flashes.

If you really want to advertise yourself, you may appeal to this trick in another circumstance, not at a children charity.